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KARACHI: After the first premiere of Shoaib Mansoor’s Bol, audiences have complained that the movie distracts people from mundane problems like terrorism, to other “useless and typical issues” like child abuse, gender discrimination, sectarian issues, homosexuality, drug abuse, tran-sexuality, corruption, crime, prostitution, women rights, honour killing, social evils, taboos, extremism, misinterpretated religion, distorted history, evil and ignorant government.

“Here we are, trying to project a soft image of Pakistan, one that is void of suicide blasts and mutilated corpses in Balochistan, and here comes Shoaib Mansoor with his pandora of problems! Now the whole world will laugh at us,” an agitated cinemagoer Ahmed Kakar said after watching the movie. “What will our future generations think? How we let this guy defame us? And we actually paid to watch it all happen with popcorn?! I want my money back. Can I keep the popcorn!”

ShoMan, also known as Shoaib Mansoor, couldn’t be reached for comment.  E!Eye