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the Pakistani government has ordered installation of security cameras in all public washrooms...

The Pakistani government has ordered installation of security cameras in all public washrooms…

LAHORE: Amid increasing security concerns, the Pakistani government has ordered installation of security cameras in all public washrooms and has ordered private building owners and restaurants to follow suit. CAPITAL City Police Officer (CCPO) Muhammad Pervez Rathore directed strict surveillance in bathrooms of all official buildings, hotels, commercial areas and crowded places in the city. Chairing a meeting held to review various steps taken regarding installation of CCTV cameras at all important places of provincial metropolis, he said quick installation of CCTV cameras should be ensured in washrooms at banks, money changers’ shops, financial institutions, petrol pumps, important offices, industrial units and all other places dealing in cash business. The CCPO warned that strict departmental action would be taken against police officials showing laxity or dereliction of duty with regard to the directive. He noted that installation of CCTV cameras was essential at all bathrooms of business activities so that criminal elements can be immediately identified, traced and ultimately eliminated. The CCPO directed the SPs to ensure 100 percent installation of CCTV cameras in their respective areas. He said that he would conduct surprise inspections in bathrooms to review security arrangements. He said that it was legal responsibility of managers of all banks to ensure and check regularly proper working of burglar alarm systems. The CCPO called upon big institutions to install UPS or generators to ensure continuous working of CCTV cameras even during electricity interruption. The CCPO said, “Bad and immoral behaviour can happen anywhere, including bathrooms. If cameras are everywhere but bathrooms, then bathrooms can become an unsafe environment as those who want to cause trouble do it the only place they can. Officials who use hidden bathroom cameras say that they are not used in showers or stalls. Hidden bathroom cameras aim at places like sinks and entrances. They are not placed in more private areas.”

The Hidden Camera Setup...Perform an internet search for hidden bathroom cameras and you will find a number of pornography sites. These sites often claim to have hidden webcams in the bathrooms at various institutions. This means that your daughter, your wife, your mother, or even you could unknowingly appear on camera while in the bathroom stall while others online are watching. If you are inclined to patronize pornographic websites, remember that the ones offering hidden cameras could be hurting your loved ones.

People offered mixed responses to the announcement. “What about our dignity and personal privacy?” said Ashraful Makhlukat, an arts student found near Liberty.

She said, “The state of our privacy, and the currency and value of it, is rather worse than even I had thought if we now put CCTV in the toilets”.

The CCPO defended the response and said, “such directives bolster our commitment and resolve to eliminate terrorism and strengthen us as allies in the war against terror”. PID