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LAHORE:FORMER cricketer Imran Khan reckons he could end militancy and corruption in 90 days if elected prime minister in a show of confidence which has helped make him Pakistan’s most popular politician. Imran Khan’s 90 days revolutionary package consists of boosting tourism and other neglected and affected areas.

He intends to improve tourism by finishing militancy and by using photos of his honeymoon trip to Marbella, Spain with Jemima Khan.

Those sexy photos of Imran Khan and Jemima Goldsmith will be edited to show Nathiagali and Kashmir in the background.

Khan said “The son-of-bitch who photographed me and Jemima making sweet Pathan love on a mountain in Marbella actually did a good thing. Now we can use them to look as if they were shot in Pakistan. If only I wasn’t wearing those notorious boxers I had purchased from Mianwali, I look so hairy!”

Jemima Khan

Jemima Khan

Jemima Khan, “He Khan and he will! I still remember Marbella, he was like Tarzan, wild and rugged from Mianwali, and I was like Jane, cultured and domesticated from the West. I may have moved on with Hugh and all, but he still Khan do it!”

Both Imran and Jemima have dispelled rumors of a reunion, as Imran said that he doesn’t have enough time and isn’t as capable as he used to be. ISPR