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All images courtesy: Kenny Irwin

POONCH: A red alert has been issued at the tense Line of Control between nuclear neighbors Pakistan and India, after the Indian Air force downed a suspicious aircract it claimed was of Pakistani origin. According to a senior Indian air force official, the aircraft, suspected to be a Pakistani F16, was downed in the Bhimbergali sector of Poonch at 1:50am. It was later revealed that the aircraft was actually a martian UFO violating the Indian airspace. The Indian Defence Ministry defended the attack by claiming that the ISI had hired Martian as state sponsored terrorists. While firing saliva in all directions, he said “The Pakistanis have hired Kashmiri militants for ground attacks, and Martian UFOs for aerial attacks. We will now find Venetian Guerrillas and fund them in Balochistan.”

NDTV reported that the Indian Air Traffic Control Tower (IATCT) instructed the unidentified aerial object in Hindi to retreat, but they couldn’t understand the Martian language in response. IATCT Chief Dr Prabakan said that the Martian language seemed as if they were abusing in Urdu, hence the UFO was shot down.

Defense analysts suggest that the air-version of BrahMos missile, likely to be inducted in IAF within a year, must have been used to down the UFO. Works have already been started to develop BrahMos 2, the fastest Hypersonic missile in the world, which would take final shape in five years, a top scientist said.
Dr Prabakan praised the troops for foiling an air infiltration bid by a group of Martian militants, he said, adding there was no loss of life or damage to property.
Security has been stepped up all along the border with Pakistan in view of reports of more infiltration bids being planned by militants and Martian outfits. Press Trust of India (PTI)

INFOBOX: Kenny Hassan Irwin explains in detail the Pakistani UFO:


Pakistan’s New Hyperdrive Saucer Ramjet, built from back engineered pakistani UFO technology, a new state of the art craft was unveiled at the Islamabad Starbase Spaceport. It is the inspiration for countless other nations and planets to follow. The crowds along with many Pakistani Starfleet command senior officials roared with cheer by the spectacular and advanced design with all the latest features packed in by all the greatest minds working together from every province of Pakistan.

The Pakistani Starfleet Explorers can be seen at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kennyirwin/sets/72157604476547192/with/3221503099/

AREA S-807