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Subtitle: "I am horny, are you?"

The complex political and legal drama Pakistani reporters call “Memogate” veered into unexpected territory, when an American businessman who claims that Pakistan’s government asked the United States to help it stave off a military coup admitted that he once played in a porn movie, where he banged a female wrester.

The businessman, Mansoor Ijaz, said that he did act in the 2004 video for “Memo-graphy” an Italian porn film. The admission came after Pakistani bloggers discovered two versions of the video on Redtube, both of which feature Mr Ijaz having sex in a wrestling ring. The women tearing off her bikinis, and “Weasel Williams” (Mansoor Ijaz) jumps on her, uttering sexually suggestive words that are bleeped out.

After links to the video were passed around on Twitter on Wednesday, Mr. Ijaz insisted that supporters of President Asif Ali Zardari had drawn attention to the clip in an effort to damage his credibility as a witness.

The Pakistani blog Cafe Pyala, which helped draw attention to Mr. Ijaz’s role in the music video — and discovered more footage of him on the set, in a behind-the-scenes clip — rejected his claim that it was acting on behalf of Mr. Haqqani, the former ambassador. Addressing Mr. Ijaz, the bloggers wrote: “We would just like to assure him that we do not have Mr. Haqqani goading us on and neither do, we think, any of the people on Twitter who first discovered and shared the video. We would like to admit that we did find it — and him in it — really funny.”

According to the blogger who found the porn clip on RedTube, it was the fact that Mr. Ijaz has appeared frequently as a “terror analyst” on Fox News in recent years that was his undoing. (On Sept. 10, 2003, for instance, Mr. Ijaz assured one of the network’s anchors, “There is no ifs, ands or buts about the fact that there was a connection between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein.”)

When the blogger who dug up the clip was asked on Twitter how he first made the connection between the video and Mr. Ijaz, he explained, “When I saw him on Fox News ages ago, I was like, ‘That’s that guy from that song.’”

The blogger said that he was searching for white porn as it had been a rough day at blogging, when he found Weasel Williams shagging a female wrestler and moaning in a nice American accent.