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Mushi and Shahzoo: In the line of (each other's) fire?

LONDON: In response to Shahzain Bugti’s announcement of offering Rs 100 million to whoever kills ex army asshole president Musharraf, the enlightened and moderated leader has announced a greater reward of Rs 105 million. In a press conference in London, Musharraf said that he was an ambassador of peace and didn’t believe in hostility of any sort. But he said he was also an ex SSG commando and Shahzain Bugti would “never know what hit him”. He said that whoever killed Shahzain would be rewarded Rs 105 million. Musharraf said that he would soon return to Pakistan and lead the country out of the mess the PPP government had created, when they had come into power four years ago, after the mess his 9 year old martial law had created. ISPR