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RAIWIND: In what is being seen as a publicity stunt by PML-N, Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif will be starring in the epic sequel of Planet of the Apes, titled ‘Revenge of the Rogue Baldies”
Shot near Jatti Umrah in Raiwind, the movie depicts how the province of Punjab is being run by monkeys.
Here Rana Sanullah, like his hairy human self, is a rogue chimpanzee flouting Jamat-ud-dawa flags and men. His gang of blacklisted chimpanzees and gorillas serve as reinforcements to the Rogue Baldies in their revenge against the swine flu army.
The swine flu army of Pakistan has unleased dangerous dengue into the province of Punjab, and the Shareef brothers are deemed to fight till the last victim dies.
Critics claim that the movie is the best example of gorilla warfare, with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan lending his voice for the score.
Produced by the House of Saud, Planet of the Apes will be screened in Lahore only, while pirated copies will be sold in Karachi and also in Peshawar, with Pashto subtitles. NNI