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MUMBAI: As the nation cooled down over Veena Malik‘s ‘nude shoot’ in FMH India, Veena Malik has revealed, sorry disclosed, whoops, exposed, umm, that it was the jailed M Asif who had sent those pictures to FMH India. She said that she was naughtily posing for M Asif, as he played with his cellphone, and took a photo of her. She said that when Asif was found guilty of spot fixing, she dumped him as she couldn’t love a traitor!
She said that he rook revenge by sending the photo to FMH India, which happpily printed the image.
She said that M Asif had also posed nude for ‘Sports Illustrated‘ along with Salman’s Butt.
She said that the PCB had threatened to sue Sports Illustrated, hence they didn’t print the magazine in America. She said that Sports Illustrated, under a deal with the PCB, had chosen to print the magazine in Russia and Afghanistan, where Asif and Salman’s Butt were very famous.
Asif could not be reached for comment, as he was too busy with Salman’s Butt behind bars. CricInfo