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ISLAMABAD: In the event of Iran being attacked, Pakistan has announced that in an utter state of confusion, it will fire missiles in all directions, including Iran and Afghanistan. It has not disclosed hitting India or China, but Indian sources say that they lie in “all directions”…
Russia has said that attacking Iran would lead to “catasstrophic results” with an imminent World War 3.
This could also disturb the ISI, RAW and Mossad‘s strategic asses in North Waziristan out of their peaceful slumber of terror, leading to a geographic change in the region. The nuclear arse-nal could fall into the wrong hands, leading to doomsday.
India has replied to the Pakistani threat by saying that it too will “fire in all directions”. Jane’s Defence Weekly experts say that this could drag China into the war, with Inan and Pakistan being ignored, leading to a major war. ISPR