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KARACHI: While rolling out the 8 millionth Suzuki Mehran at its assembly plant, Pak Suzuki CFO and Company Secretary, Abdul Hamid Bhombal said that Mehran’s production would never be put to stop. He said that Pak Suzuki would ensure production till the day of judgement. He said that Mehran was a national icon, and 8 million people trusted it. He said that people on the day of judgment would still be driving the same Mehran, the same 800cc engine, the same shape. He said the existing factory didn’t allow modification to the legendary design of the car. He said they were too lazy to change the shape of the car. “The most we can do is offer more colours. After 15 years of production, we offered high beam crystal lights and a new plastic grill. People should be thankful that we stopped making the Suzuki FX. The Mehran is a true family car. My grandfather drove one, and so will my great-grand children drive the same Mehran” PR