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MURIDKE: Famous cleric and mastermind of Mumbai attacks, Hafiz Saeed of the Jamaat Ud Dawa, has reiterated to the confused youth of Pakistan and Afghanistan, that anal sex is Haraam, but permissible if there is no penetration.
He said that both the guilty participants of this despicanle  heinous doggy sin should immediately resort to sincere forgiveness and pledge firmly
never to resort to such devil like acts again. He said the man on the receiving end should not allow himself to be disgraced in such a manner by allowing his partner to carry out this forbidden act.
He said that anal sex was allowed with the clothes on, which if elaborated, meant to derive joy from the back of one’s husband or wife without penetrating. If so, it is permissible, but anal sex with penetration is strictly prohibited.
He said that the matrimonial bond remained intact, and prescribed this as the best way of family planning instead of using condoms.
He said that anal sex was better than using unIslamic contraceptives, which were invented by the devil and the west to decrease the Muslim population. Zarb-e-Momin